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In 2011, I had a visit from a Catholic priest who came to bless my workshop and manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah. He called me two years later and asked me if I would create a life size crucifix in bronze for the new church that was being built nearby. When a delegation of Bishops came from Rome to inaugurate the Church they seemed to like the crucifix and I was sent for.


Soon I was creating crucifixes for several churches in the UAE but by far the most rewarding commission was to create an exact replica of the crucifix in St. Martha’s Church in the Vatican (the Pope’s private chapel) for the Apostolic Nuncio in Kuwait. I remember asking his Excellency if this work would get me on the ladder to heaven. He replied that it might get me on the first step but I would have to do the rest myself. Nevertheless the Holy See seemed to appreciate the finished piece and I was awarded a limited edition silver coin minted by the Vatican for special services rendered to the Church.



Following a lengthy series of interviews in 2016 I was commissioned by the Meydan Company to create a series of life size thoroughbred race horse sculptures to commemorate each of the winners of the Dubai World during the previous 20 years. The start point for the project was a to visit the companies racing stables near Nad Al Shiba to see for myself the actual horse on which the sculpture would be modelled. I then created a ‘master’ sculpture of the horse which was modified many times under the supervision of the horse’s trainer at Meydan. When the sculpture was deemed to be ‘ready for training’ a master mould was created from which 20 replicas were cast. The sculptures were subsequently painted in the colours of the victorious jockey’s silks worn since the race was first run in 1996. 

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